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About Us

The Women of the CIBPA previously know as Ladies' Auxiliary of CIBPA was founded in 1952 by Jackie Rosati. The original members of the auxiliary were women of Canadian Italian heritage and spouses of the first CIBPA members who volunteered to help Italian immigrants settle in Canada. Today, the Women of the CIBPA is a registered non-profit charitable organization supported by a board of directors.


Many members have active careers and businesses of their own, generously sharing their time and resources to support worthwhile causes. The ideals of the Women of the CIBPA founding members continue to serve as their mandate today: charity, sisterhood and giving back to the community.


Our social action projects inspire personal growth, community involvement and a strong sense of unity.


Jackie Rosati

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Our Philosophy

The Women of the CIBPA has been, from its inception, an organization dedicated to the betterment of the Canadian Italian Community and the fellowship of Canadian-Italians. Through the co-ordination and the contribution of their talents and energy over the past 70 years the women of the Auxiliary have raised and donated large sums of money to worthwhile causes, each time responding to a current need within the community. It has always been their first priority to work as volunteers for the good of the whole organization recognizing that satisfaction derived from belonging to a group is in direct proportion to what they are willing to give to it.


It is the hope of the founding members and the present members that this spirit of working and giving will continue to inspire its present and future members to always seek new challenges whereby they will actively contribute to the welfare of the community and, in so doing, continue to renew the original incentive of the Women of the CIBPA.

What We Do

The Women of CIBPA empowers a diverse group of women of varying ages to observe and promote Italian values and traditions, enjoying our diversities and friendship in the process. While enriching our lives through our many activities, we support hospitals, charities and the greater community through our social action programs and fundraising efforts. We value the energy, ideas, and participation that our members bring.

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